The Letter to SWING Entertainment

Update : 2020.01.07 – 09:40

Dear : Swing Entertainment

Since debuting in 2019, Kim Jaehwan has been one of the solo-artists who has created quality work. Under the stewardship of SWING Entertainment since his debut, we have seen a number of flaws. We would like to see more and better support from the company as follows:

Planning future activities with clear guidelines

Kim Jaehwan is an artist who enjoys making music. By 2020, Kim Jaehwan’s songs were released almost every month, but they did not receive proper promotions. For example, in an official SNS account, there was only one post without a link to the music platform.

We would like to see the improvement in both terms of promoting new song releases, e.g. the posts in SNS accounts must contain the links to the music platform, as well as balancing the music activities and other activities. The contents shall be accessible for both fans and publics; locally and globally. There must be a concrete comeback plan while still receiving attention from the media.

Contents and Interests of Oversea fans

In addition to Korea, Kim Jaehwan has made a large international fanbase. But most of the contents are in Korean, such as announcements, fan cafes, Twitter and etc.

We would like the company to make improvements, that all contents contain English as a second language and additional languages according to the fanbase which the company can verify, as well as contents that can draw attention from new fans.

Costumes and Music Video

In 2020, We found that Kim Jaehwan’s costumes were not suitable in many ways, including a costume that looked different from other artists attending the same event, or duplicated styles from previous events. Moreover, music videos have been mostly shot in the studio. There was not an outdoor filming like the previous album.

We would like the company to improve the style of the artist. There should be an investment to find the right style for the artist as well as more dedicated filming than before.

We understand the difficulties with the current outbreak of COVID-19, which may prevent many activities from being well organized. However, we would like to ask Swing Entertainment to better take care and support our artist.

Yours sincerely,

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