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[Explain] Why Thai WIN:D called Kim Jaehwan “น้องแตน”? (KR/EN)

Translate Update : 2020-06-12 11:16 AM (GMT +7)


왜 태국윈드들이 재환에게 태국어로 “น้องแตน (Nong Tan / 넝땐)”이라고 불렀습니까?

태국에서는 태국어로 “น้อง (Nong/넝)”이라는 단어는 그들 자신의 이름을 따서 갓난아기한테 말로 ‘귀엽다’ 단어를 대신 사용된다.

“แตน (Tan/땐)”이라는 단어에 대해서요벌이 되려는 것이 아니라 오타에서 나오는 단어 왜곡에서 나온다.

태국어 키보드 레이아웃에서 “จ” 와 “ต”는 서로 옆에 있기 때문에 “แจฮวาน (Jaehwan / 재환)”이라는 단어가 “แตฮวาน (Taehwan /때환)”이 되고, 트위터에서 “แตน (Tan / 땐)”이라는 단어로 글을 올리기 위해 단축되었다.

‘แตน (Tan / 땐)’은 더 귀엽다고 하지만, ‘น้อง (Nong / 넝)’앞에 땐이라는 단어를 붙으면 귀여운 버전으로 재환의 다른 별명이 됐다.

그것은 태국윈드들이 태국어 반말로 이야기할때 사용된다.


KR Translate by : @24jaymoon



Why Thai WIN:D called Kim Jaehwan “Nong Tan”?

In Thailand, the word “น้อง (Nong)” is a term used to refer to those born after themselves, and is used instead of cute or adorable.

As for the word “แตน (Taan)”. It is not meant to be a bee or hornet, but it comes from a word distortion from a typo. In Thai Keyboard layout “จ” and “ต” are next to each other, so the word “แจฮวาน (Jaehwan)” becomes “แตฮวาน (Taehwan)”, and it was shortened to post on Twitter to just the word “แตน (Tan)”

“แตน (Tan)” is said to be cuter, And when you bring the word “น้อง (Nong)” in front of “แตน (Tan)”, so it became another nickname for Jae Hwan in a Thai cute version.

It is used in an informal conversation between Thai WIN:D.



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